Date Published: 18 October 2007

HFEA Statement on the current Authority discussion on multiple births after IVF

Health News from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

Many patients, doctors and experts have contributed their views to the HFEA's recent public consultation on reducing the incidence of multiple births after IVF.

The aim was to hear and understand the range of views about the best way to reduce the incidence of multiple births after IVF, which raise risks for mothers and babies.

A number of possible ways to do this were discussed, ranging from better information for patients on the risks, through to introducing criteria for the groups of patients who might be suitable to have single embryo transfer.

The Authority began to discuss the outcome of the consultation in their meeting on 17 October, but have decided that as it is such a complex and sensitive issue that further discussion is needed during their meeting in November before a decision can be made.

Any decision made by the HFEA will be announced publicly and made available on its website.


Source: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HEFA), UK.

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