Date Published: 11 April 2007

New CAP rules don't do enough to protect children

Healthy Food for Healthy Children

Which? responds to today’s announcement by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) of new rules for non-broadcast food and soft drink product advertisements and children.


Sue Davies, chief policy adviser, Which? said:

The food industry and advertisers have missed an opportunity to show that they genuinely want to take a more responsible approach to the way foods are promoted to children.

_ While we welcome the steps to protect younger children, it is very disappointing that the rules for older children are so vague .Terms such as ‘a due sense of responsibility’ and ‘not condoning or encouraging poor nutritional habits’ are too open to interpretation and will allow companies to continue targeting children above primary school age.

_ The new rules state that celebrities and licensed characters won’t be able to advertise food to younger children but they will still be allowed to promote unhealthy foods to older children while characters created by food companies such as the Nesquick Bunny will not be covered at all.”

_ The CAP code doesn’t cover important types of promotion such as packaging and company websites. The Government needs to urgently step in and tackle this whole area.


Parents who feel that the Government and the food industry are not doing enough to combat the marketing of unhealthy foods to children can fight back.

Visit to download a Which? Kids’ Food Campaign Toolkit.


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