Date Published: 23 March 2007

Health survey shows older people need help to get more active

Statistics revealed today as part of the Health Survey for England show obesity and high blood pressure to be major problems among people over 65 years old.

Ellen Mason, cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) said:

? These statistics make a compelling case for investing greater effort into helping older people improve their health. In particular, more needs to be done to make it easier for people over 50 to become more physically active.

_ An inactive lifestyle can be partly responsible for high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes ? and all of these are major risk factors for heart attacks and strokes. So getting regular physical activity can reduce your risk.

_ It's never too late to start doing more exercise, as increased physical activity can improve your health with immediate effect. It doesn't have to be a chore ? it can be enjoyable, cheap and easy to fit into everyday life. Brisk walking, swimming and gardening are great examples.

_ The BHF is so concerned about the worryingly low levels of physical activity among older people that we are about to launch a campaign to encourage all adults to get their 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day.?


Source: British Heart Foundation (BHF).

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