Date Published: 5 December 2006

BHF comments on concerns over hospital restructure on patient health

In response to discussion about NHS reforms proposed today, Medical Director for the BHF, Professor Peter Weissberg, said:

" Our current Doubt Kills campaign emphasises how every second counts if you're having a heart attack.

_ For many patients getting the right treatment as quickly as possible can be the difference between life and death - but much more still needs to be done to speed up treatment delivery across the whole of the UK.

_ Specialised centres will only benefit the UK 's heart patients if there are enough of them to support those in need, which will mean significant investment.

_ Until then we need to make sure those people who can't access specialised centres aren't left at risk, which will only be achieved through investing in emergency care within local communities."


Source: British Heart Foundation (BHF).

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