Date Published: 15 November 2006

6 Week Baby Check in General Practice Report (Ireland)

Health News from the Republic of Ireland (Eire).

The check that babies are offered at 6 weeks of age is a key part of an evidence based child health surveillance and screening service, and is a routine part of the work of most general practitioners. However, up until now there has been little opportunity to look at the quality of this service.

This project represents a very important and innovative approach to improving the quality of services provided to parents and children. It demonstrates how primary care plays a central part in child health surveillance and shows how evidence may be translated into practice and result in greater satisfaction for parents and better outcomes for children.

It also shows how improvements can be made in services that, although 'low tech' and routine, have real potential in terms of not only detecting problems at an early stage but also providing opportunities for promoting health.

This project was only possible because of the close working between the Irish College of General Practitioners and the Health Service Executive through the Programme of Action for Children. It demonstrates the potential of such collaborations for improving the service professionals are able to give, by both involving them directly and supporting them through training. On behalf of the project steering group, we would like to thank all those involved in the project, and in particular the parents and babies, the general practitioners and their teams who made it such a success.

The challenge now will be to ensure that all babies and their parents can receive a service of this quality. This project will certainly have played a key point in achieving this.


Source: The Irish College of General Practitioners (Coláiste Dhochtúiri Teaghlaigh Éireann), Ireland.

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