Date Published: 10 October 2006

British Heart Foundation comments on ‘north-south health divide'

Peter Hollins, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) said:

The north-south health divide has been a problem for decades and it is concerning that the gap is showing no signs of narrowing.

_ The Government’s new health map paints a picture of a country struggling with some serious public health issues in particular areas. If used properly, this local data should motivate Primary Care Trusts and councils to work together with their communities to tackle these problems in a coordinated way.

_ But they need support from Government not just in painting the picture, but in providing dedicated resources for public health programmes – the sort of resources that were promised in the Choosing Health White Paper two years ago.

_ If the Government is serious about addressing the growing rates of obesity, and we believe it is, it needs to put its money where its mouth is and truly commit to a preventative approach to health."


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