7 - The Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot is tarot card number 7, although it is the 8th card of the Major Arcana because the 1st of the 22 Major Arcana cards is number 0 (The Fool).

The Chariot tarot card often depicts a traditional chariot of some sort. For example, in the popular Rider Waite and Robin Wood Decks, it is an Egyptian chariot in motion. The Chariot depicted on tarot cards is often surrounded by other symbolism representing balance, control, power, and sometimes even fantasies.

The Chariot is one of the most complex tarot cards so it is one of the most difficult to define and explain. It represents a union of opposites. These "opposites" may be depicted on The Chariot tarot card by the two horses drawing the chariot - one black horse and one white horse. They can represent the idea that even if opposites try to pull in different directions, they need to be channelled in the same direction if progress is to be made.

One possible message of The Chariot tarot card concerns a need to achieve control over opposing emotions, circumstances, motivations, and challenges. The Chariot card conveys a sense of determination and self-will in action following successful balancing of the necessary forces. This form of action and progress is not opposed to anything in particular but is progress in self-actualisation and development.

Some words and expressions associated with The Chariot Tarot Card include:

  • Independence
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Determination
  • Work
  • Travel
  • Purpose
  • Purposefulness
  • Triumph
  • Harnessing of forces to achieve a task
  • Mental powers
  • Mental discipline
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