6 - The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers is tarot card number 6, although it is the 7th card of the Major Arcana because the 1st of the 22 Major Arcana cards is number 0 (The Fool).

The Lovers card often depicts a naked couple surrounded by other symbolism.

It is a joyful card that is usually a welcome sight in a spread and can be pertinent in a reading concerning romance, though this is not necessarily the case.

More generally The Lovers tarot card represents the duality between the masculine and feminine aspects of a situation or issue, or of ourselves. The concepts of 'masculine' and 'feminine' need not be interpreted literally. They may represent traditionally 'masculine' and 'feminine' traits, interests, or emphases.

The Lovers tarot card can also refer to the notion of 'the whole being greater than the sum of the parts'. That is, a strong couple or partnership can offer more to the world than is possible for the same two individuals could if acting seperately.

Some specific terms associated with The Lovers Tarot card include:

  • love
  • partnership
  • romance
  • communication
  • trust
  • beauty, and
  • perfection

It is rare for The Lovers tarot card to have negative meanings.

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