21 - The World Tarot Card

The World is the 22nd and last tarot card of the Major Arcana.

Despite the title of the card, the image depicted on The World tarot card is not necessarily of a globe or map of the world. The ideas conveyed by this card are more usually shown in the form of many symbols that, together, represent fertility, creativity, and protection.

Nude female figures are common icons on The World tarot card and are used in, for example the popular Rider-Waite and Robin Wood decks.

The World is an inherently positive, joyful card. It is a gift and a delight whenever it appears in tarot spreads because it is usually interpreted using such expressions as

"the world is your oyster"
"all possibilities are available and open to you"
"success with a project or mission"
"an opportunity to move smoothly into the next cycle of life" and so on.

The World tarot card is sometimes titled 'The Universe', e.g. in the Golden Dawn tarot deck.

Some specific terms associated with The World tarot card include:

  • Completion
  • Success
  • Culmination of awareness
  • A new beginning
  • Infinite possibilities
  • Triumph over difficulties
  • Triumph over 'all the odds'

Detailed comment about the World tarot card varies according to the deck used because the imagery and symbolism in individual cards varies with the deck and its overall theme. It is also important to consider the position of the card within the spread.

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