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A general introduction

This lifestyle magazine site includes articles about healthy living and approaches to health and well-being.

It has expanded from an educational resource for therapists and students of nursing and health-related disciplines (human anatomy and physiology pages) to include sections about introductory chemistry and more general biology including simple botany, zoology, mycology (the study of fungi), ecology and palaeontology. Other sections of general interest contain information about diet and nutrition, holistic therapies, crystals and gemstones and more spiritual aspects of well-being such as the pages about angels. These pages are updated frequently. Existing material is also retained so that links and bookmarks to the site continue to work over time.

Although most of these pages, including for example, the news items, are intended for the general interested adult, some sections include details likely to be more meaningful to people who are working and / or qualified in that particular subject. While there is no material, e.g. images, likely to be considered unsuitable for children, this site is intended for use by people aged 16 years and older. The information included here is not medical or First Aid advice and is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment. Anyone with a health concern should consult an appropriate professional.

More about the context ...

According to the World Health Organization:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

In other words, health, as well as the more general concept of well-being, is more than the normal, pain-free, convenient functioning of the physical body.

Modern allopathic medicine increasingly aims to resolve or at least to support physical, mental and sometimes also emotional challenges. Despite all the research to date, much remains to be understood to achieve complete well-being for all.

There are many ways in which people can affect their own health prospects and those of their families. Experts from various specialisms issue lifestyle advice concerning how choices about, for example, diet, exercise, social connectivity, management of stress, and so on might affect health and well-being.

While following generally accepted lifestyle advice is widely considered a good idea, what else can people do or be aware of ? Even if something seems to be wrong many people do not put all, or in some cases any, of their faith in conventional medicine. Depending on the nature and severity of the problem and what is available locally and affordably, various therapies, techniques and forms of alternative medicine are also used. Some approaches mentioned on this website include aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, reflexology and reiki.

With an open mind and yearning for truth one can appreciate beauty, opportunity and peace that might otherwise be overlooked, hence its benefits missed.

About the News Pages

These include items of general interest about well-being and healthy lifestyles including nutrition and holistic therapies as well as animals, animal welfare, environmental and other life science subjects.

In addition to news by subject and recent news, news items are also listed by location.

Older items are listed by topic and by date in the IvyRose news archive which now includes many, although not yet all, news items since July 2005.

About the Study Pages

These have been a popular area of this website since 2003. They are not intended to support study of any specific course or exam syllabus. In general* the level of complexity straddles that required for final school exams (e.g. some UK 'A'-Levels, typically taken at age 18) and material taught in introductory adult education courses or the first part of college courses in health science and related subjects.

About the Glossary Pages

The glossary is a wide-ranging collection of extended definitions and descriptions of items or words or phases mentioned elsewhere on this website. The length and level of detail on these pages varies considerably.

More sections and pages are being added to support the increasing material on the study pages.

More Popular Sections

The popularity of some parts of this website varies across the year while other sections and pages are always busy. See for example the 'Thought for the Day' in the section about angels, details about the structures and distinguishing features of natural crystals, information about therapies and other general interest sections such as astrology.

About Advertising and Featured Products

Parts of this website include adverts or feature products. In some cases IvyRose might receive a commission from purchases made via referrals. Some areas featuring products include selections made using advertiser's data, e.g. re. availability, in addition to any criteria specified by IvyRose. In the cases of advertisements and some links to products, the text and / or images have been generated or provided by the advertiser or seller. It is only possible to make the content on this website available without charge to visitors thanks to contributions from advertisers. Adverts do not imply endorsement of products, services or businesses. For further details and disclaimers see the terms of use of this website.

This is just a general introduction to some popular parts of the IvyRose Holistic website. More pages are added and changes made every day. For daily updates visit and bookmark www.IvyRoses.com.

Learn about Malachite

True crystals of malachite are rare.

Malachite is a common secondary copper mineral that is usually found in the form of botryoidal encrusting masses, often in a fibrous radiating form.

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