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What is Psychology ?

Psychology is the scientific (but non-medical) study of the mind, including perception, mental processes, emotions, and associated behaviour.
The study of psychology includes aspects of memory, rational and irrational thought, perception, learning, education, development, religion, romance, and many other aspects of human experience.

More about Psychology:

There are many Schools of Psychology.
(Note that the term "School of Psychology" refers to an approach to, or way of thinking about and describing the way the human mind processes experiences and associated behaviours - not educational establishments that teach psychology.)
Examples include: Introspectionist (incl. Freudian, Jungian and Adlerian), Gestaltist (incl. the Gestalt approach to visual perception), Behaviourist, and Cognitive.

Branches of psychology include:

  • Abnormal,
  • Analytic,
  • Applied,
  • Clinical,
  • Comparative,
  • Developmental,
  • Educational,
  • Experimental,
  • Geriatric,
  • Industrial,
  • and others.

See also our glossary entry for "Psychology" in the glossary section about "Medical Disciplines".

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