Seven of Wands Tarot Card

Tarot Suit of Wands

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The Sevens in the tarot deck are associated with experimentation, courage, and risks. The nature of the risk may vary and can be positive or negative.

The theme of the Seven of Wands is of personal independence and the power of one's convictions. This incorporates experiencing the spirit of adventure and encouraging personal achievements.

The 7 of Wands Tarot Card often depicts a single figure, sometimes resisting (unseen or only partially revealed) external challenges. It encourages the querent to have confidence in his or her ability to succeed despite opposition, yet also to be alert to the possibility of further challenges ahead.

In general it is useful to remember that the number 7 represents victory. This card brings confidence, as well as advice to remain watchful and prepared to face further challenges.

Keywords and phrases for some of the many possible meanings of the 7 of Wands Tarot Card include:

  • Bravery
  • Defending ones own path
  • Success against opposition
  • Taking a stand
  • Valour

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What about the Seven of Wands Reversed ?

Some interpretations of the meaning of the 7 of Wands reversed include:

  • Cowardice
  • Timidity when confronted. Sense of vulnerability. A desire or tendency to run away
  • Suggestion to continue to strive towards important goals rather than simply giving-up

The Tarot Suit of Wands

The Tarot Suit of Wands is associated with the suit of Clubs in standard playing cards. The tarot suit of wands is also known by other names, such as staffs or as staves in some decks.

There are meanings associated with each of the suits in a tarot deck, as well as the more specific interpretations associated with each individual card - and yet more precise meanings pertaining to particular cards in particular locations within spreads. The suit of wands is associated with the element of fire (as in the fire signs of the zodiac). It is also associated with the season of summer - i.e. of the sun, which is a "fire", and with the direction "South".

The suit of wands may be thought of as concerning personal growth and the expression of our "inner fire", through our work, intellect, or creativity.

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