Images of Tarot Cards

IvyRose Holistic pages about individual tarot cards do not include many images of examples of tarot cards from popular decks because:

  1. Images of Tarot Cards are copyright.

    IvyRose respects others' copyright so only includes such images with the appropriate permission e.g. as used to link to books and / or tarot decks available for sale on the internet.

  2. Each Deck is different.

    Due to there being so many different tarot decks available, many of which are designed around a specific theme, it wouldn't be possible to include an image of a particular tarot card from every deck even if we were permitted to do so.

    The descriptions of the meanings of the cards included on this website are the most common and generally accepted meanings. In some cases, text descriptions referring to some aspects of the cards from specific (named) decks are also included. However, because each deck is subtly different from every other deck due to the symbolism used and the intention of the creator and users, the only way to obtain a completely accurate description of the possible meanings of any specific tarot card is to study the description of it provided with information about that particular deck - ideally by the artist or artists, and to absorb this information in conjunction with one's own personal intuition and spiritual guidance.


The information and indications included on these pages are a basic introduction for general interest only. Visitors are encouraged to browse many books and other websites about the tarot and also to gain their own personal first-hand experience in order to more fully appreciate the cards in the deck of their own personal choice.

For further resources visit our pages of Books about the Tarot, and Tarot Decks.

Also visit other websites about the tarot, some of which can be found via search engines and other listings.

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Depictions of human-like winged-beings have been discovered throughout the ancient world.

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