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About these Study Pages:

Thank-you for using the FREE educational material available at IvyRose.co.uk .
This site now includes well over 5000 pages which are maintained and updated regularly.

Due to the large scale of this website and the huge and increasing number of users, we are unable to respond to individual requests for help with homework, finding answers to specific questions, and so on.

Instead, we have created this page of answers to some of the types of questions we have been asked in the past.
If your question is not included below you may send it to us via the form at the bottom of this page.
Although we don't enter into individual correspondence, your questions and feedback are greatly appreciated and may be used to update future versions of this page with additional information - especially if requested by many users.

Questions & Answers:

About: Finding Information

  • Where are the IvyRose pages about ... (specific topic) ?
    Many users find the information they require on this website directly via a search engine.
    In case you are already using our pages but have not yet found what you are looking for, here are some suggestions:
    • Try using the Search Bars provided.
      These are included at the top-right and at the footer of this page and also on all our Human Body pages.
    • Review our list of Revision Pages: click here.
    • See if the general topic is included in the Glossary: click here.
    • Check our Glossary listed alphabetically: click here.
  • How much do I really need to know about ... ?
    We don't know: If you are studying a course for an exam leading to a qualification you should check the syllabus for details about the material you are expected to know. If you do not have a copy of the syllabus for your course, start by asking your teacher, course leader, or college.
    As a general guide we include on some pages a brief statement of the level of the material and qualifications for which it may be appropriate, e.g. UK GCE at AS and A2 Level. However, each examining board has its own requirements, sometimes optional modules. There are also international (non-UK) courses and qualifications whose requirements we are unaware of.

About: Accuracy / Errors

  • Is there a mistake on this page / diagram / explanation / spelling ?
    Unlikely, but not impossible: These pages have been prepared carefully and checked thoroughly by well-qualified writers. In addition, many have also been live online for several years and viewed by many 100,000s visitors, hence any typing or other errors have probably been found and corrected. Also, please be aware that some words may be spelt differently in British and American English so websites will not necessarily use exactly the same spelling as textbooks.
    However, we are adding new material as fast as we can and it is possible for the occasional error to slip through.
    Solution: If you think there is a mistake on any of our pages please tell us about it using either the buttons at the bottom of the page itself (where available), or via the form below. If there is an error we will fix it asap.
  • The information / diagram on your page differs from an answer provided by my teacher.
    Is your page correct ? I might have lost marks in my project / test / exam ...

    Trust your teacher. This is not a common question but we found it so surprising we included it here.
    The diagrams and explanations on this website have been very thoroughly checked for clarity and accuracy.
    However, just because something is true does not mean that it is the correct answer to any particular question.
    Depending on the actual question asked and the level of detail expected in the answer, the diagrams and explanations on these pages may, or may not, be appropriate or sufficient. These pages are designed to help people learn about the topics covered. In order to do well in any type of assessment e.g. project work, tests, or exams, it is also important to answer the specific question asked - in the way required. Your teacher or course-leader is a better source of advice about the requirements of your course than any general website could be.

About: Use of Material on these Pages

Please note that although these webpages are free to view, i.e. there is no need to pay, join, register, or login to look at them, our material, including text, images, photographs, and diagrams is copyright (meaning that you may look at it but not re-use it).
In the past we have been asked :

  • Please can you help me download / print / save the diagram / image on page ... of your website ?
    We are glad you have found our website useful. Please understand and respect our copyright.
    The content on our pages, especially diagrams/images/interactive features etc. have taken considerable time, effort, and expense to produce. Because we have done so, you and many others (some of whom live in developing countries and may not have access to textbooks) are able to access, view, and learn from these pages without charge from us.
    To enable this website to continue to be available and putting resources into good quality, FREE to access, study material online, please do not re-use any parts of our pages. Thank-you.
    If you are a student we recommend that you re-draw diagrams yourself, which will also help to reinforce your learning.
    If you would like to share with others information you have found useful on our pages, please send them a link to view the whole page for themselves. We have included AddThis "Bookmark & Share" buttons to the bottom of most of the study pages on this website. These make it very easy for users to recommend the page to others via a wide range of platforms incl. MySpace, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and many more.

About: Advertising

  • Please can I access a version of your webpages without advertising on them?
    This website is designed to include advertising. More information about this ...:
    The vast majority of the pages on this website include some constantly updating adverts and/or links to adverts.
    This advertising may vary according to, e.g. user location and time of day, and is targeted to be relevant to the subject of each page. For example a page about bones might include adverts for books about bones, model skeletons (as teaching aids), nutritional supplements for bone conditions, treatments for spinal injuries, etc.. If relevant adverts are not available for a particular page/topic in a particular location then the allocated area on that page may appear white/blank instead.
    There are obviously considerable costs involved in making this website constantly available to 10,000s users and continuing to manage and update it. We are able to continue to do so without charge to website visitors - thanks to our valued advertisers and our visitors' interest in advertiser websites.
    We realise that it is sometimes possible to purchase access to this type of service by paying a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription to view the pages without advertising. At the moment we are not offering such an option because we find that overall the (limited) advertising on our study pages enhances those pages by providing various relevant links to sources of further information.
  • I would like to advertise my product / service / course / school on your pages. How can I set that up ?
    Thank-you for your interest. We do not accept or display advertising for certain types of products or services that we consider incompatible with this website or which may be inappropriate for some of our visitors. Assuming that the subject of your advertising request is acceptable, there are several ways it can be set-up. In the first instance you might choose to target this website or some specific parts of it via your Google AdWords account. Alternatively, please contact us directly with your specific requests re. advertising per page/month.
  • I would like to report an inappropriate advert I saw on one of your study pages.
    Thank-you. We do our best to exclude all inappropriate adverts but we manage 1000s webpages on this website alone.
    New websites and advertising campaigns are launched all the time so your help is appreciated. If you see anything disturbing on any of our webpages please let us know which of our pages you wish to report (that is, tell us the URL of our page - as it appears in the address bar of your browser). Also let us know the advertiser's website (which is usually written in small pink text at the bottom of text adverts or in small black and underlined text at the bottom of image adverts).
    So far we haven't had any user reports of inappropriate or offensive adverts but we have mentioned this to encourage feedback if any do appear - so that we can block them right-away. Thank-you.

Any other Questions ?

  • If the answer to your question is not included above you might like to ask us via Twitter. Although we won't necessarily reply that way as the answer might be too long to tweet, we hope to extend this page to include any new frequently asked questions (FAQs). This page is updated from time to time.

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