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NIH announces five Botanical Research Centers

Studies of the safety, effectiveness, and biological action of botanical products are major focuses for the five dietary supplement research centers selected to be jointly funded by the Office of D...

31 Aug '10 | Botanical Research | USA

Women's cholesterol levels vary with phase of menstrual cycle

The authors of the study found that women's total cholesterol levels rise as estrogen levels increase during the monthly menstrual cycle, drop shortly before ovulation, then decrease more rapidly...

10 Aug '10

The dark side of mining for gold: research suggests mining in Africa is spreading TB

Even if mining clinics successfully diagnose tuberculosis in miners and start treatment appropriately, the message is often not relayed back to doctors who work at the miners’ hometowns. The author...

01 Jun '10 | Tuberculosis | Africa

Communicative fathers help reduce teenage smoking

This study suggests that a greater awareness of parents’ and especially fathers’ potential impact upon their teenagers’ choices about whether to smoke is needed. Fathers should be encouraged and su...

15 Apr '10 | Smoking | UK

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