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Benefits of dementia friendly swimming opportunities

Research into the ways in which regular swimming can affect the lives of people with dementia and the experience of their carers has identified many different benefits of swimming sessions. The st...

30 May '18 | Dementia | Nottingham, UK

New guidelines to improve diagnosis and treatment of lupus

A new guideline for management of systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus) has been made available by the British Society of Rheumatology. It includes information about the diagnosis, assessment, monit...

06 Oct '17 | Lupus | Birmingham, UK

New research advances understanding of thyroid conditions

In a recent study of thyroid hormone levels scientists identified novel variants associated with thyroid function that could not have been detected in earlier studies. They also demonstrated the u...

09 Mar '15 | Genetics | Australia

Depression, diabetes and cardiac arrest

Recent research linking depression and the rising incidence of diabetes to an increased risk of heart attack and possible death has been published by an international research team. Dr Herbert Jeli...

04 Jan '12 | Depression | Australia

Three new eczema genes discovered

Three new genetic variants associated with the skin condition eczema, a chronic inflammatory disease, have recently been identified as a result of research carried out at Bristol University (Englan...

28 Dec '11

Leeds Univ finds MRI scan for coronary heart disease beats alternatives

A recent five-year study at Leeds University (Yorkshire, England) involving 752 patients, has shown that an MRI scan is a reliable way of detecting signs of significant coronary heart disease (CHD)...

23 Dec '11

Research to improve MRI scans

Enhanced MRI scans, producing brighter and more precise images, and potentially allowing the detection of cancerous cells before they cause health problems may result from leading-edge research bei...

15 Dec '11 | MRI | Southampton

Could roundworms provide new treatment for sepsis ?

ES-62 has the therapeutic ability to enhance recovery in septic shock by suppressing and limiting catastrophic inflammatory responses while allowing for bacterial clearance to occur. Administration...

07 Mar '11 | Inflammation | Liverpool, England

*Intelligent* microphone system to help hard-of-hearing

The quality of life for people who have hearing impairments could be improved due to the development of an

24 Feb '11

Water softeners not found to improve childhood eczema

Anecdotal reports from patients have suggested that hard water may worsen atopic eczema. Population surveys have also suggested a possible link between atopic eczema prevalence and the degree of wa...

16 Feb '11 | Eczema | UK

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