News: March 2014

Fighting in South Sudan impacts on humanitarian efforts

continuing fighting between government and opposition forces in South Sudan is severely hampering humanitarian efforts. The effects of the conflict on children are horrifying - girls and boys have ...

03 Mar '14 | Humanitarian Crisis | South Sudan

Women and children flee violence in Central African Republic

Ongoing violence in the Central African Republic has resulted in over 76,000 people so far, mainly women and children, fleeing north into neighbouring Chad. Many of the displaced people, particular...

04 Mar '14 | Humanitarian Crisis | Central African Republic

RSPCA urges UK MPs to save 100,000 badgers

UK MPs are urged to vote to save 100,000 British badgers in Thursday's Westminster debate. The scientifically discredited policy has attracted outrage and dismay from many groups including animal w...

11 Mar '14 | Animal News | UK

To combat malaria, must increase efforts against drug resistance

Efforts to combat malaria are the subject of meetings in Sydney, Australia, this week. Experts there expressed support for a global campaign to ban the use of artemisinin alone as a treatment for m...

13 Mar '14 | Malaria | Australia

Mosquito nets for Central African Republic

150,000 mosquito nets are being provided to displaced people in the Central African Republic, who have lost their homes because of the ongoing conflict in the country. The life-saving mosquito nets...

Don't disturb young birds, just observe

Young garden birds, or fledglings, usually leave the nest two weeks after hatching and during this vulnerable period of their lives they are fed on the ground by their parents. Young birds found by...

21 Mar '14 | Animal News | UK

Discovery expected to help medics treat ALK lung cancers

Scientists have discovered the structure of an abnormal protein called the EML 1 protein, which plays a key role in ALK lung cancers, particularly aggressive forms of lung cancer. Researchers are n...

24 Mar '14 | Lung Cancer | Leicester, UK

Many UK general medical practitioners are considering early retirement as workloads increase

Latest quarterly survey indicates dissatisfaction among UK GPs, many of whom are considering early retirement or other options - including leaving the medical profession altogether.

24 Mar '14 | Medical Profession | UK

Goats' milk formula not the answer for infants allergic to cows' milk

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a warning that it considers goats milk infant and follow-on formula unlikely to be suitable for infants with a cows' milk protein allergy. This is beca...

27 Mar '14 | Nutrition | UK

Humanitarian supplies reach remote areas of South Sudan

Food, vaccines, nutrition supplements and other vital supplies are finally being supplied to Akobo, Jonglei State (South Sudan), near the border with Ethiopia. Aid agencies have also set up emerge...

28 Mar '14 | Humanitarian Aid | South Sudan

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