News: January 2014

Ethnic variations in breast cancer rates

Recent research suggests that differences in lifestyle and reproductive factors (such as number of pregnancies and duration of breastfeeding) are key to why UK breast cancer rates are lower in Sout...

08 Jan '14 | Breast Cancer | UK

UK Animal Charity kept busy by floods

Animal Rescue News: Members of the RSPCA's water rescue team helped to rescue two foals and seven horses from a flooded field. The two foals, a miniature Shetland pony and six horses were trapped i...

08 Jan '14 | Animals | UK

Respiratory illnesses need higher profile (UK)

Report by UK nurses organizations suggests that respiratory illnesses such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease often have a low profile and are poorly resourced in comparison to oth...

15 Jan '14 | Respiratory Illnesses | UK

Exposure to sunlight reported to lower blood pressure

Recent research suggests that exposure of skin to sunlight can help to reduce blood pressure - thereby protecting against certain medical conditions linked to high blood pressure (hypertension)

20 Jan '14 | UK

Double genomes associated with poor cancer survival

Unintentional DNA doubling in bowel cancer cells could predict which patients might have lower chances of survival and help to plan their treatment. Researchers have seen that genome doubling in ce...

22 Jan '14 | Cancer News

Heart attack survival higher in Sweden than in UK

More than 11,000 lives could have been saved over the past 7 years if patients in the UK had experienced the same care as comparable patients in Sweden.

23 Jan '14 | Heart Health | Europe

Mental Health of older people in debt

Recent research indicates that people who are struggling with their finances in old age are 8x more likely to have reduced mental well-being than their comparable people without financial challenge...

27 Jan '14 | Mental Health

Survey gives key insights into child nutrition and its effects (Sudan)

Data about child nutrition and its effects has been collected as part of the Sudan S3M survey, that took place across Sudan. This is providing valuable information about the difference in performan...

Trial of new treatment for neuroblastoma

Medical researchers have begun a new trial of a type of molecular radiotherapy to treat neuroblastoma, which is considered one of the deadliest childhood cancers. Although used effectively in adult...

30 Jan '14 | Cancer News | London

Obesity & childhood asthma

Recent US study finds that high levels of airbourne pollutants (exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) was associated with asthma among obese children to a much greater extent that exposure ...

31 Jan '14 | Obesity | USA

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