News: October 2013

Prenatal depression in mothers - risk factor for depression in children at age 18 years

Recent research suggests that depression in pregnant women may increase the risk that their children have depression at age 18-years. This association matters because depression in late adolescence...

10 Oct '13 | Depression | Bristol

Does vitamin D prevent diabetes ?

Research has started on a large-scale clinical trial to find out if taking vitamin D supplements helps to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in adults with prediabetes. This study is in progress at a...

21 Oct '13 | Diabetes | USA

Novel robots to assist people with disabilities

Robots can help to improve mobility for people who are visually and/or physically impaired, and can improve treatment for atrial fibrillation. 3 projects in these areas have been awarded funding by...

23 Oct '13 | Technology | USA

Nurses view about review of complaints about NHS (UK)

UK nurses care about the experiences of patients and their families or carers. Patients may feel reassured to know that the UK nursing profession supports efforts to improve not only patient care, ...

28 Oct '13 | Nursing | UK

Angels exist in the world of spirit - some describe them as being at a higher vibrational frequency than most humans.

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