News: June 2013

Canine arthritis monitored by force platforms (pressure-sensitive walkways)

Canine arthritis (arthritis in dogs) can be a cause of great concern to owners. There has been no standard veterinary test to determine how uncomfortable a dog affected by canine arthritis is when ...

04 Jun '13 | Canine Arthritis | Liverpool

Malaria parasites stick to blood vessel linings via PfEMP1 (parasite proteins)

Malaria parasites grow in red blood cells and stick to the endothelial lining of blood vessels through a large family of parasite proteins called PfEMP1. This is how the parasite avoids being carri...

05 Jun '13 | Malaria

Mapping gannet fishing grounds

Colonies of northern gannets based at locations around the British Isles maintain vast exclusive fishing ranges despite doing nothing to defend their territory from rival colonies. The UK supports ...

06 Jun '13 | Gannets | British Isles

Focus on reduction of child undernutrition and stunting

The Nutrition for Growth event in London on 8 Jun 2013 concentrated on reducing stunting and other effects of undernutrition worldwide. UNICEF pledged to continue its investment in strengthening nu...

08 Jun '13 | Child Undernutrition | International

Dua's Layer of Human Cornea (of the eye)

A previously undiscovered layer of the human cornea (part of the eye) has been reported. The additional layer, called the Dua layer - or Dua's layer, is located at the back of the cornea between th...

11 Jun '13 | Ophthalmology

Armed conflict disrupts children's lives

Children living in areas of armed conflict face unprecedented threats to their health, education and well-being. A recent UNICEF report mentions incidents in which schools and education personnel h...

12 Jun '13 | Child Welfare | International

Is obesity a disease ?

Does it really make sense to classify obesity as a disease ? The AMA's new policy of classifying obesity as a disease has attracted much interest and comment, including considerable criticism from ...

25 Jun '13 | Obesity | USA

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