News: August 2012

Why do women live longer than men ?

Why do women generally live longer than men ? Mutations to the DNA of mitochondria can account for differences in the life expectancy of males and females. Recent research about biological ageing c...

03 Aug '12 | Gender

Medical sharps injuries and risks to medical personnel

UK nurses organization the RCN has urged swift implementation of new regulations to protect staff from medical sharps injuries. The purpose of these regulations is to protect all health and medical...

09 Aug '12 | Health & Safety | Europe

Angola celebrates a year without polio

Angola celebrates a year without polio: Angola has made considerable progress against polio by working to improve disease surveillance, increase the quality and coverage of mass polio vaccination c...

10 Aug '12 | Polio | Angola

Progress providing safe drinking water for everyone

Drinking water should be affordable, reliable, safe, accessible and available in a sufficient quantity to meet basic needs. World Water Week has just started and despite considerable progress over ...

27 Aug '12

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