News: July 2012

Gene key to maintaining normal brain function

A protein called stonin2 is necessary for the packets (of chemicals) to be retrieved and refilled, enabling communication between nerve cells in the brain. The authors state that this research is a...

05 Jul '12 | Brain Function | Liverpool Uni

Violence against children in northern Mali

Reports of children are being killed or injured by explosive devices, recruited into armed groups and subjected to sexual abuse including rape in northern Mali. Closure of most of the schools in th...

06 Jul '12 | Child Welfare | Mali

How to reduce unplanned hospital admissions

Unplanned admissions account for approximately 40% of hospital admissions in England. They are costly, disruptive, and likely to increase waiting lists and therefore waiting times for scheduled tre...

11 Jul '12 | Bristol

Chemotherapy after surgery might improve cancer survival

Cancer News: Researchers have discovered a statistically significant survival benefit to chemotherapy use after surgery. However, the number of deaths from periampullary cancer remains high, even a...

11 Jul '12 | Cancer

Help against cholera on way to 120,000 people in northern Mali

A cholera outbreak occurred in northern Mali about 10 days ago. Since then six children have died among the 56 cases reported in Wabaria, Labbezanga and Ansongo in Gao region on the banks of the Ni...

16 Jul '12 | Cholera | Mali

Causes of snacking (leading to high BMI)

The nucleus accumbens region of the brain is associated with motivation and reward and has been found to play a significant role in a person's drive to eat between meals, so-called snacking being a...

23 Jul '12 | Overeating | Bristol

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and observations of effects of drinking at least 4 alcoholic drinks per day during pregnancy: The term fetal alcohol syndrome is used to refer to a pattern of birth abnormali...

24 Jul '12 | Pregnancy | USA

Mediterranean Diet improves Health

Mediterranean diets are healthy. A healthy diet and lifestyle is important for good general health and well-being. Prof Catherine Itsiopoulos has explained some of the benefits of a Mediterranean d...

24 Jul '12 | Nutrition

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