News: April 2012

UNICEF urges an end to child under-nutrition

UNICEF has appealed for nutrition security to be included as an essential part of every national development plan. UNICEF indicated that nutrition security is as important as clean water and as ind...

02 Apr '12 | Undernutrition | International

Disarming disease-causing bacteria via the translocation and assembly module

Recent research has shown that a protein complex called the Translocation and Assembly Module (TAM), forms a type of molecular pump in bacteria. This TAM allows bacteria to shuttle key disease-caus...

04 Apr '12

UNICEF reports on outlook for Horn of Africa

Despite recent improvements, the outlook for the Horn of Africa remains uncertain. It is estimated that at present more than 8 million people need emergency assistance. Children need adequate nutri...

11 Apr '12 | Famine | International

Gene study leads to new insight into Alzheimers

Recent research details the discovery of new genes that may affect the risk of Alzheimer's disease in older people up to 20 years before clinical symptoms become apparent. Researchers looked at the...

16 Apr '12

Discovery of genes that influence risk of fracture and osteoporosis

Scientists have conducted the largest international study of its kind to identify the genes responsible for osteoporosis. Their research indicates that variants in 56 regions of the human genome in...

16 Apr '12 | Osteoporosis | Southampton, UK

Personal exercise regimes to treat depression in young people

A new study to test the effectiveness of personally tailored exercise regimes for young people with depression has been launched in Nottingham, England. The HEALTH project (Help Enable Active Lifes...

17 Apr '12 | Depression | UK

25 April 2012 is World Malaria Day

Malaria causes many child deaths in Africa. However, when there are enough insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) and children sleep under a mosquito net every night, child mortality can be reduced by up ...

25 Apr '12 | Malaria | Africa

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