News: February 2012

Silver found to be as effective as the leading chemotherapy drug

Some silver compounds are as toxic to cancer cells as Cisplatin, a leading cancer drug. However, silver is thought to be much less toxic to healthy human cells, and in some cases, can be beneficial...

02 Feb '12 | Cancer | England

Orbital prefrontal cortex size linked to number of friends

A recent study indicates that the orbital prefrontal cortex region of the brain is bigger in people who have a larger number of friendships. The study also suggests that we need to employ a set of ...

02 Feb '12

Early bone growth linked to bone density in later life

Recent medical research indicates that early bone growth is associated with bone density in later life. The indications are that size at birth and height growth during early childhood contribute si...

03 Feb '12

Best ovarian cancer imaging technique revealed

Recent research has lead scientists to conclude that a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique, which measures the movement of water molecules within the tumour, may be the best way to monitor h...

14 Feb '12

Standards at Royal Lancaster Infirmary A&E

CQC inspectors who visited the Royal Lancaster Infirmary on 21 December 2011 found that emergency care was being delivered according to clinical guidelines and also noted: A shortage of staff durin...

15 Feb '12

Non-invasive diagnostic for Adenovirus

Recent research towards a diagnostic test for adenovirus has been successful. Biosenor technology has been developed to enable a technique that uses antibodies attached to an electrical sensor - th...

17 Feb '12

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