News: July 2011

Do protein-based sport drinks benefit athletes' performance ?

The sports drink industry makes millions of pounds from selling drinks and other supplements to people who want to increase their energy and stamina while exercising. However, when scientists revie...

04 Jul '11 | Sports

How to encourage children to more physical activity

How can children be encouraged to take more exercise ? Physical activity has important benefits for children's physical health and mental well-being but some studies indicate that many children do ...

06 Jul '11 | Sports and Exercise | UK

Leaving school without qualifications associated with poorer health in later life

Students who leave school without qualifications suffer from poorer health and greater risk of heart disease over their lifetimes than those with some qualifications, according to recent research c...

07 Jul '11 | Education | Manchester

SpiNNaker Project: ARM processor chips to mimic human brain functions

Scientists are working towards producing a high-performance computer which they intend to create working models of human brain functions. Microprocessor chips will be linked together to simulate th...

07 Jul '11 | Cybernetics

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), a common auto-immune arthritis

How does an individual's genetic make-up predispose him or her to Ankylosing Spondylitis ? Unlike most forms of arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis usually begins in young adulthood, and so can signi...

10 Jul '11 | Arthritis

Could targeting the skin help prevent the spread of HIV?

Applying a vaccine patch to the skin with thousands of tiny micro-needles could help boost the body's immune response and prevent the spread of life-threatening infections like HIV and TB. This is ...

11 Jul '11

Cognitive bias modification of interpretations (CBM-I) to help teenagers with Anxiety Symptoms.

Training teenagers to view social situations in a positive way could help those with anxiety symptoms and may help prevent problems continuing into adult life, according to recent research from Oxf...

13 Jul '11 | Mental Health | UK

Apolipoprotein E Genotype - a biomarker for mild cognitive impairment ?

Scientists in the USA have demonstrated an association between the e4 allele of the Apolipoprotein E genotype with Mild Cognitive Impairment, which is in turn associated with Alzheimer Disease. Det...

13 Jul '11 | Dementia | USA

Role of E-cadherin in embryonic stem cells

The protein molecule E-cadherin that 'glues' cells together and so plays an important role in the development of cancers is also responsible for many other important functions of cells, according t...

15 Jul '11

Nanopatterned surface to improve stem cell expansion

A new nanoscale plastic can cheaply and easily solve a problem which has previously made the expansion of stem cells for therapeutic purposes impossible. At the moment, when adult stem cells are ha...

18 Jul '11 | Stem cells

Alzheimers Disease survey: USA, France, Germany, Spain, Poland

Over 85% of people asked in a recent survey said that if they were exhibiting confusion and memory loss, they would want to see a doctor to determine if the cause of the symptoms was Alzheimer's di...

20 Jul '11

As a child when Christmas approaches concentrate all thought on what you DO want; banish all negativity.

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