News: March 2011

Clinical Negligence and other Legal Issues Re. Care of the Elderly

Medical negligence and clinical negligence are just some aspects of law that are important for those delivering care to the elderly.

01 Mar '11

Bowel Cancer hope by blocking PINK1

Targeting PINK1 is not currently possible in patients. But developing drugs that can mimic these effects could provide new ways to treat bowel cancer patients who have faulty MLH1 or MSH2 genes.

01 Mar '11

Humanitarian response to unrest in Libya

Initial supplies, including hygiene kits, nutrition items and recreation and psycho-social relief items have been given priority. While numbers of families crossing the border into Tunisia are repo...

02 Mar '11 | Libya

Homophobia concerns re. some UK African communities

Discriminating against gay, lesbian or transgender people is a crime in the UK, yet Africans who are not heterosexual often suffer serious abuse, verbal and physical assault from their own communit...

03 Mar '11 | Tolerance in society | African communities in UK

Support for Deaf Children with Complex Disabilities (UK)

Recent research at Manchester University (England) in collaboration with National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) has highlighted many urgent issues of concern to the parents and carers of deaf chil...

03 Mar '11

UK Govn almost double contribution to UNICEF

The UK Government will almost double its core funding for UNICEF, after a recent aid review found the agency highly effective in delivering results to keep children healthy and ensure access to qua...

06 Mar '11 | UK Gov Aid | International

Could roundworms provide new treatment for sepsis ?

ES-62 has the therapeutic ability to enhance recovery in septic shock by suppressing and limiting catastrophic inflammatory responses while allowing for bacterial clearance to occur. Administration...

07 Mar '11 | Inflammation | Liverpool, England

Improved RxNorm drug naming standard for electronic health records (USA)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States has recently announced that data contributed by First DataBank has improved the utility of the drug vocabulary produced by NIH. All medi...

08 Mar '11 | USA

Improved data collection and research about violence against children needed

Existing studies suggest that exposing a child to violent discipline has harmful consequences for the victim as well as the society in which he or she lives. They show that even mild forms of physi...

11 Mar '11

Home tests for human papillomavirus (HPV) may increase cervical screening coverage

Recent research suggests that home tests for the human papillomavirus (HPV) could help to increase the take-up of cervical screening among women who do not respond to screening invitations.

16 Mar '11

Liquid biomaterials advance stem cell therapy

At present, cartilage implants created using stem cells can only be constructed as a solid shape, acting as an interim measure before the almost inevitable need for total joint replacement. Rese...

17 Mar '11 | Medical Technology | Bristol Univ (UK) & Intl partners

UNICEF report on the situation of women and children in Zimbabwe

One in four children in Zimbabwe has lost one or both parents due to HIV and other causes. These children are being looked after by extended families and are among the 100,000 child headed househol...

18 Mar '11 | Zimbabwe

US $51M needed urgently for children in C├┤te d'Ivoire and Liberia

In any emergency, children are the most vulnerable. UNICEF is appealing for US$ 51 million to meet the rapidly growing humanitarian needs of children and families devastated by the post-election cr...

19 Mar '11 | Humanitarian Aid | Ivory Coast

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