News: January 2011

Early menstruation linked to risk of depression in mid-teens

Girls who begin menstruating at an early age are at greater risk of depressive symptoms during their adolescence, according to new research by academics from the University of Bristol and the Unive...

04 Jan '11 | Depression

UK Animal Charity RSPCA had extremely busy end to 2010

The RSPCA has recently reported having more animals in its care than ever before. These include wildlife (whose release has been delayed by extremely cold weather) as well as, sadly, many abandoned...

05 Jan '11 | Animal Welfare | UK

Increased UK internet searches for flu info on NHS website

Research published this week from the London School of Economics found the number of people looking for health information online is set to soar again as workers return from holiday breaks.

06 Jan '11

Oxford Uni Study links economic insecurity with obesity

Oxford researchers compared 11 affluent countries and found that those with a liberal market regime (strong market incentives and relatively weak welfare states) experienced one-third more obesity ...

07 Jan '11

Challenges face Sudan following historic referendum

After decades of war, southern Sudan is being built up almost from scratch. Over half of the people do not have access to clean drinking water. Three-quarters of its population is illiterate, and t...

07 Jan '11 | South Sudan

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is the best way to a healthy glow

Those with a healthy glow had a higher presence of carotenoids, which are yellow and red antioxidants thought to play a role in the immune system and fertility. Carotenoids are commonly found in f...

10 Jan '11 | Healthy Glow (Skin)

Irish Cancer Society - Lung Cancer Awareness Campaign

The outlook for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in Ireland is now much more positive with a clear diagnosis and treatment plan in place for patients. At the launch of its 2011 lung cance...

12 Jan '11 | Lung Cancer | Ireland

More UNICEF supplies arrive in flood-affected eastern part of Sri Lanka

This second consignment of goods for flood victims in Sri Lanka follows seven truck-loads of supplies sent by UNICEF to assist the one million people affected by the massive flooding. The first con...

14 Jan '11 | Severe floods | Sri Lanka

Acute respiratory infection warning for bus and tram users

The relationship between public transport use and acquisition of acute respiratory infection is not well understood but potentially important during epidemics and pandemics. The research, funded b...

17 Jan '11

WFP and UNICEF scale up nutrition to fight child stunting in Southern and Eastern Africa

Stunting (low height for age) indicates nutritional deprivation early in life, from conception up to two years of age. Unlike underweight, which is a composite of both stunting and wasting (low wei...

18 Jan '11 | Nutrition | Africa

Dangerous environments make (animal) parents more caring

Research examined how the mortality rates of parents and offspring and the fertility of adults influence the evolution of how much parents care for and feed their young. The team found that unpre...

19 Jan '11 | Oxford, England

Child trafficking film draws attention to child rights abuses (NY)

Child trafficking—often referred to as a “slave trade”—has many manifestations. A child who is trafficked is any person under 18 who is recruited, transported, transferred, harboured or received fo...

19 Jan '11 | USA

Study of the reaction starting formation of amyloid fibres

Amyloid fibres, which are implicated in a wide range of diseases, form when proteins misfold and stick together in long, rope-like structures. Until now the nature of the first misfold, which then ...

20 Jan '11 | Amyloid fibres | Leeds (UK)

Yellow fever vaccination campaign in Ivory Coast

A vaccination campaign against yellow fever is scheduled to get underway tomorrow, 21st Jan 2011, in the West African nation of Ivory Coast. The campaign will target more than 830,000 adults and ch...

20 Jan '11 | Ivory Coast

Effort to halt polio outbreak in Luanda, Angola

In 2010, 32 people contracted polio in Angola, a disappointing turnaround from 2004, when Angola celebrated three consecutive years free from the virus and the country stood ready to be declared po...

21 Jan '11 | Polio | Angola

Mosquitoe nets protect families in the Central African Republic from malaria

To ensure mosquito nets reached homes in the Central African Republic (CAR) as quickly as possible several aid groups co-operated together with the help of singer, actress, and PSI ambassador Mandy...

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