News: May 2010

New insight into how alcohol affects brain function

Neuroscientists from the University of Southampton’s School of Biological Sciences investigated alcohol dependency and withdrawal using tiny 1mm long C. elegans worms. Despite the worm’s evolutiona...

06 May '10

Could 'Health Supplement' steroids protect against heart disease?

So-called 'fountain of youth' steroids are made naturally in the body, but levels decline rapidly with age. This has led to a market in synthetically made steroids that are promoted for their healt...

13 May '10 | Heart Disease | Leeds, UK

Eating processed meats may increase risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Although most dietary guidelines recommend reducing meat consumption, prior individual studies have shown mixed results for relationships between meat consumption and cardiovascular diseases and di...

18 May '10 | Diabetes | USA

Could gardening help children eat more greens?

Researchers at the University of Leeds are working with the Royal Horticultural Society to find out if pupils who garden at school develop a taste for fruit and vegetables.

20 May '10 | Nutrition | England

BMA backs new GMC guidance on end of life care (UK)

The BMA has been involved with the development of this guidance and we support it. How best to care for individuals at the end of life is one of the most complex areas in medicine and it is essenti...

20 May '10

Can Vitamin D Help Prevent Arthritis ?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory form of arthritis affecting around 380,000 people, mainly women, in the UK. It occurs when the body’s immune system attacks itself, causing pain and swelling...

24 May '10 | Arthritis | UK Research

Parents' physical inactivity influences children

Among children and adolescents, physical activity has been associated with a lower BMI and a reduced risk of heart disease. Regular physical activity is also known to help to prevent the developmen...

25 May '10 | Child Health | England, UK

UK Hedgehogs adapt to life in the city

More hedgehogs may now be living in towns and cities than in the countryside but how they trade off the risks and benefits of an urban environment has been little known – until now.

26 May '10

Some enjoy the peace of an Angel Altar, perhaps with crystals, flowers, beautiful images and reminders of the presence of Angels in your life.

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