News: February 2010

South Wales' first self-management course for those with long-term mental health issues

The Mental Health Foundation is holding South Wales’ first self-management training course for people with a long-term mental health diagnosis in the Canton area of Cardiff in Feb 2010. The course ...

03 Feb '10

Funding pressures must concentrate minds on health and social care reform

The Mental Health Foundation, which incorporates the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, welcomed the launch of the Care Quality Commission’s first annual report on the state of healt...

10 Feb '10 | Mental Health | UK

Stateless Rohingya victims of violent crackdown in Bangladesh

18 Feb '10 | International Aid | Bangladesh

NHLBI, CDC Launch Surveillance and Research Program for Inherited Blood Diseases

Medical researchers are developing a new surveillance system to determine the number of patients diagnosed with a family of inherited blood disorders known as hemoglobinopathies, including sickle c...

18 Feb '10 | Blood Diseases | USA

Clearer laws on social care needed, according to MHF (UK)

Mental Health Foundation (UK) has said that a review of the legislation on social care is long overdue. Millions of people rely on social care every day and services need to be backed by legislatio...

24 Feb '10 | Social Care | UK

New online tool helps mental capacity assessment (UK)

Practitioners working in health and social care will be able to improve the way they assess a person’s mental capacity using a new, free online resource launched by the Mental Health Foundation and...

25 Feb '10 | Mental Health | UK

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