News: January 2009

RCN appoints new Public Health Adviser

UK nursing association The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has announced Jan Maw as its new Public Health Adviser. She will be responsible for public health, occupational health, sexual health, trav...

13 Jan '09 | Nursing | UK

Checklist helps reduce surgical complications, deaths

The WHO has found that use of a simple surgical checklist during major operations can reduce the rate of surgery-related deaths and complications by over 33 percent

14 Jan '09 | Safety in surgery

Liability concerns may harm public health emergency response

Concerns have been expressed that public health emergency relief efforts might be hindered because the U.S. lacks clear liability protection laws for all medical emergency responders.

15 Jan '09 | USA

Pregnancy 300 times deadlier in least developed world

Women in the world’s least developed countries are 300 times more likely to die in childbirth or from pregnancy-related complications than women in developed countries, according to UNICEF’s State ...

15 Jan '09 | Pregnancy | Developing World

Cure for the Middle-age Spread

Researchers show that the somatopause is related directly to the decline of growth hormone (a natural substance produced by the body) during aging. Campbell cites biomedical research showing that i...

20 Jan '09 | Australia

NHS Humanitarian Fund announces £45,000 for health projects in the developing world

Since last year, 23 grants have been awarded from the fund, which is administered by the BMA's International Department. Projects have ranged from funding to support lectures on anaesthesia and obs...

22 Jan '09 | Humanitarian Aid | UK

Master of Acupuncture now on offer at Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University (Australia) is now offering a fully accredited Master of Acupuncture degree. The two-year course is open to professionals in the medical and allied health fields, such as ...

22 Jan '09 | Acupuncture | Australia

UNICEF appeals for over $1 billion for children in emergencies

Many countries featured in the report are silent or forgotten emergencies, according to UNICEF Executive Director, Ann M. Veneman. She went on to say that women and children are dying every day du...

27 Jan '09 | Child Welfare | International

Improving trends in 12-year survival after heart attack

Data from more than 4,000 West Australian heart attack patients reveals improving survival trends. Researchers studied outcomes for 12 years of 4,451 patients admitted to hospital during 1984-7, 19...

27 Jan '09 | Heart Health | Australia

UNICEF calls for an end to abductions and attacks in DR Congo

Returning from a mission to Dungu in the Haut-Uele District, Pierrette Vu Thi, UNICEF Representative in the DRC, called for all parties to do everything possible to prevent harm to children and women.

27 Jan '09 | Violence | DRC

Heart attack chemical in marathon runners

People who run marathons are more likely to have higher levels of troponin, a protein associated with heart attacks. However, according to this study at UWA in Perth, the marathon runners did not a...

29 Jan '09 | Heart Health | Australia

Visionary test a sight for sick eyes

A new method has been developed for for detecting and managing the glaucoma. It is hoped that a new device called a TrueField Analyser will solve many of the problems associated with current test m...

29 Jan '09 | Glaucoma | Australia

Global, national efforts urgently intensified to control Zimbabwe cholera outbreak

Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak, one of the world's largest ever recorded, is far from being brought under control. An enhanced response is needed to urgently reverse an epidemic that has so far infect...

30 Jan '09 | Cholera | Zimbabwe

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