News: October 2008

'Fastest' to provide interpreters for deaf and hard of hearing gay and bisexual men in Brighton

Tests are free and confidential for everyone. Pre and post test counselling and support will be offered to those attending and anyone who tests positive will be given full support in choosing a tre...

03 Oct '08 | HIV Testing | Brighton, England

RCN takes action to put dignity at the heart of health and social care

A survey has indicated that eight out of ten UK nurses leave work feeling distressed or upset because they didn't feel able to ensure that their patients received the care they deserved. The RCN is...

13 Oct '08 | Nursing | UK

AMA offers ten topics to consider before choosing the family's health plan

During October many U.S. employers permit employees to change health insurance plans and add or remove cover for family members. To help employees to make the best choices for their families, the A...

16 Oct '08 | Family Health | USA

Potential anti-cancer compound developed from Chinese salad plant

Scientists in the United States have developed a new compound based on a chemical in the sweet wormwood plant, which appears to be effective at killing certain kinds of cancer cells in laboratory t...

16 Oct '08 | Cancer Research | USA

Economic crisis leaves NHS facing staff shortage timebomb

Health workers across the NHS are facing severe hardship due to the current economic crisis and the effect of a below inflation pay deal. With inflation running at a 16-year high, NHS unions have j...

24 Oct '08 | NHS | UK

AMA wants physicians to stake a claim for accurate insurer payments this fall

As part of its national campaign to save the health system billions of dollars by improving the accuracy and efficiency of medical claims processing, the American Medical Association (AMA) today an...

29 Oct '08 | Health Insurance | USA

IKEA, UNICEF and Save the Children team up for children

IKEA, UNICEF and Save the Children team up for children. The IKEA Soft Toy Campaign is an opportunity for both IKEA customers and co-workers to get involved in working for children in the run-up to...

30 Oct '08 | Child Welfare | International

UNICEF assists 50,000 displaced people in eastern DRC

Heavy fighting in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has intensified causing massive displacement of tens of thousands of people towards Goma, the provincial capital.

30 Oct '08 | Violent Conflict | DRC

UNICEF delivers aid to displaced children in DR Congo

UNICEF is re-starting its humanitarian operation today and will be delivering high protein biscuits to displaced children and medical kits to people who have been newly displaced. There is concern ...

31 Oct '08 | Humanitarian | DRC

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