News: September 2008

African countries to introduce new meningitis vaccine

The meningitis prevention and control strategy was reviewed and endorsed by WHO's Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization in April 2008 and by the GAVI Alliance Board in June 2008.

04 Sep '08 | Africa

South Africa launches its first Vitamin A supplementation campaign

South Africa has launched its first ever national Vitamin A campaign, which aims to reach a total of 4 million children over an intensive 12 day period ending on 20 September, 2008.

09 Sep '08 | Vitamin A | South Africa

Survey indicates improvements in community mental health services in England

Mental health services in England have improved over the last year according to a recent survey that also indicates scope for further improvements. Details of the survey and responses have been rel...

11 Sep '08 | Mental Health | England

NHS to allow 'private' drugs for cancer

Medical organisations have accepted that the change is inevitable in a health service that champions patient choice and is increasingly driven by consumer demand. But there is little enthusiasm for...

12 Sep '08 | NHS Policy | UK

AMA helps Texas coordinate medical response to Hurricane Ike victims

The AMA is playing an active role to coordinate the deployment of medical and public health assets such as Disaster Medical Assist Teams (DMAT) to the most severely damaged areas in East Texas. DMA...

19 Sep '08 | Disaster Relief | Texas, USA

Premature babies are not receiving care they deserve

Health workers have called premature babies in the UK to have the same rights to care that adults receive in intensive care units. Using their professional expertise they have come together today t...

19 Sep '08 | Premature Baby Care | UK

UNICEF update on maternal mortality

22 Sep '08 | Childbirth | Developing World

Some breast cancer patients might benefit from acupuncture

In a recent trial involving breast cancer patients, researchers in Detroit, Michigan (USA), found that acupuncture was as effective as the antidepressant venlafaxine for reducing women's hot flushe...

24 Sep '08 | Breast Cancer | Research from USA

UK Government announces action on water and sanitation

UNICEF UK joined the End Water Poverty coalition to call for more to improve access to sanitation. The coalition wants developing countries to be supported in developing national sanitation plans a...

25 Sep '08 | Water & Sanitation | International

Healthcare watchdog calls for new drive to improve the system for delivering urgent and emergency care

The Healthcare Commission has called for improvements to the system for delivering urgent and emergency care in England. It has published a major review covering all urgent and emergency services, ...

26 Sep '08 | Emergency Medicine | England

Concern about milk imports from China to EU

All products from China containing more than 15% milk as an ingredient, or products where the percentage of milk content cannot be established, will be subject to documentary, identity and physical...

26 Sep '08 | Melamine | China to EU

Cancer Research UK and Astex Therapeutics join forces to develop new anti-cancer treatment

AT13148, a protein kinase B inhibitor, is the second drug to enter Cancer Research UK's Clinical Development Partnerships (CDP) programme. Under this new agreement with Astex Therapeutics Ltd., Can...

29 Sep '08 | Cancer | UK

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