News: June 2007

BMA launches 'Right to Health' toolkit

08 Jun '07 | 'Right to Health' toolkit

Medics should lead the way in promoting disability equality - BMA (UK)

While doctors have an important role to play in promoting disability equality, the BMA report emphasises that everyone in healthcare, from senior NHS managers through to reception and administrativ...

12 Jun '07 | Disability Equality | UK

AMA calls for investigation of store-based health clinics (AMA)

The American Medical Association (AMA) announced today that it would call for investigations into potential conflicts of interest posed by joint ventures between store-based health clinics and phar...

25 Jun '07 | USA

AMA new policies on childhood anaphylaxis, emergency contraception & more (USA)

The has moved towards a new policy calling on all states to enact laws permitting students to carry prescribed epinephrine or other medications for asthma or anaphylaxis. It has also voted to adopt...

25 Jun '07 | New AMA Policies | USA

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