News: March 2007

Herb Experts Report on Benefits of Canadian Remedy for Cold and Flu Symptoms

Health News from IvyRose Holistic Shop & Holistic Resources : Herb Experts Report on Benefits of Canadian Remedy for Cold and Flu Symptoms

01 Mar '07

Consultants say health reforms block innovation in patient care (UK)

Four out of five leading hospital consultants in England say they have initiated changes to improve patient care in the last year, but many are being hindered by ill-thought out government health p...

07 Mar '07 | UK NHS | UK

AMA supports call to action on preventing underage drinking

The AMA knows too well the profound health and behavioral risks associated with underage drinking. An AMA review of two decades of comprehensive research revealed the extent of harm that underage d...

07 Mar '07 | Alcohol | USA

Struggle of black and minority ethnic and international nurses (UK)

A recent report from Employment Research Ltd commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) indicates that Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) and Internationally Recruited Nurses (IRN) are more li...

08 Mar '07 | Nursing | UK

British Heart Foundation comments on FSA salt campaign

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has recently launched a new phase of its salt campaign. A new year-long project aims to reduce the amount of salt used in social cooking in Sikh gurdwaras and Hin...

19 Mar '07 | Nutrition | UK

Physically inactive lifestyles cost UK NHS £1 Billion / yr

Research reveals that physically inactive lifestyles cost the UK health service £1 billion a year. According to the BHF adults have 30 minutes moderate physical activity at least 5x per week.

20 Mar '07 | Heart Health | UK

NZ Ministry of Health marks World TB Day - 24 March

The commemoration of World TB Day 2007 serves as a stark reminder that tuberculosis (TB), a deadly disease that has affected mankind for thousands of years, is still a serious public health threat....

21 Mar '07 | World TB Day 2007 | New Zealand

Survey shows older people need help to get more active

Many people over 65 years old would benefit from help to increase their activity level and so reduce their risk of obesity and high blood pressure.

23 Mar '07 | Physical Activity | England

RCN warns of dark mood among UK nurses over proposed pay cut

More than ten thousand nurses have bombarded MPs with letters protesting at this year’s pay cut for nurses and other health care workers to date. It comes as the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) un...

30 Mar '07 | Nursing | UK

Celtic Angels were believed to act as guardians or companions - much as totem animals in other traditions.

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