News: September 2006

500,000 Liberian children targeted in vitamin A and deworming campaign

The Government of Liberia and UNICEF have launched campaign to administer Vitamin A supplementation and deworming tablets to more than 500,000 children. 519,000 children aged six to 59 months shoul...

05 Sep '06 | Child Welfare | Liberia

British Medical Association in Wales calls for law to regulate provision of sunbeds

BMA Cymru Wales is deeply concerned about the link between cosmetic sunbed use and the rising incidence of skin cancer in Wales and is suggesting that the National Assembly for Wales, as part of it...

06 Sep '06 | Use of Sunbeds | Wales

Highly qualified, highly respected but an uncertain future for nurse practitioners (UK)

A survey of over a thousand nurse practitioners suggests that the financial crisis in the NHS affects them. Almost half say they are increasingly having to absorb other people's workload and in spi...

08 Sep '06 | Nursing | UK

Horn of Africa countries jointly bolster drive to eradicate polio

The Horn of Africa Technical Advisory Group, which convened in Ethiopia in August 2006, stressed that the polio eradication drive is now at a critical stage, where most countries are working togeth...

09 Sep '06 | Polio | Africa

UNICEF - Japan contributes to the health of Sri Lanka's children

A step forward for the health of Sri Lanka’s children, thanks to US$2.3 million from the Japan Committee for UNICEF. The Japan Committee for UNICEF has contributed US$2.3 million to help boost chil...

12 Sep '06 | International

Royal College of Nursing elects gay man to influential post (UK)

Members of the Royal College of Nursing - the world's largest trade union of nurses - have appointed a gay man to one of its most influential posts for the first time. Jason Warriner, a sexual heal...

13 Sep '06 | Nursing | UK

Compounds from vegetables attack cancer cells - NZ Research

University of Otago researchers have shown that naturally occurring chemical compounds known as isothiocyanates, found in cruciferous vegetables, cause cell-suicide in cancer cells, including cells...

15 Sep '06 | Cancer Research | New Zealand

Spinach could protect eyes from the leading cause of blindness in the West

Spinach and some other vegetables like sweetcorn, kale and broccoli are rich in a chemical called lutein, which, together with another carotenoid, zeaxanthin, form an oily, yellow substance at a ce...

25 Sep '06 | Ophthalmology

Improving support for substance misusers in Scotland

The first set of national quality standards for substance misuse services in Scotland will be launched 27 Sept 2006. The standards were developed by a group of representatives from drug and alcohol...

27 Sep '06 | Substance misuse | Scotland

Specialist nurses must not be targets in deficits crisis - RCN and Bowel Cancer UK

The RCN and Bowel Cancer UK surveyed nurses working in gastroenterology and stoma care across the UK. A total of 460 nurses responded to the survey, with 47% having experience of either their own p...

27 Sep '06 | Nursing | UK

Cancer survivor Findlay Young in home straight of Great World Run

Inspiring and courageous cancer survivor Findlay Young will arrive in the UK on Saturday 30th September to complete the final leg in his quest to run 24 half marathons in 24 consecutive days. Findl...

28 Sep '06 | Thyroid Cancer

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