News: August 2006

Mushroom may boost cancer therapy drug

Researchers studied extracts of a type of mushroom called Phellinus linteus. They tested its effects on prostate cancer cells and found that when it was combined with doxorubicin, a well-known canc...

01 Aug '06 | Cancer

UNICEF and partners begin immunisation campaign for children displaced by the Lebanon conflict

News of the current campaign to immunise tens of thousands of children displaced by the conflict in Lebanon: There are fears that the mass population displacement provoked by the 24-day old crisis ...

04 Aug '06 | Immunisation | Middle East

Study provides new insights into brain organisation - Newcastle University

Brain study via computer analysis of public databases of detailed information of worldwide anatomical studies on primate and worm brains, found that long nerve fibre connections were just as vital ...

07 Aug '06

UK: BMA claims NHS research under pressure and could face £300 million cut

The (UK) BMA has asked the Government about the possible £300 million reduction in funding available for health research which, it warns, is already under pressure. The BMA argues for research bud...

08 Aug '06 | NHS | UK

Waist-hip ratio should replace body mass index as indicator of mortality risk in older people

Weight-related mortality-risk in the elderly: According to a recent study, older people with high waist-hip ratios (WHRs) have a higher mortality risk than those with a high body mass index, or BMI.

08 Aug '06 | Obesity | UK

BMA response to the Civitas report

In response to the recently released Civitas report by The Institute for the study of civil society, Dr Jonathan Fielden provided comment on behalf of the British Medical Association (BMA).

14 Aug '06 | Civitas Report | UK

Canada's Health Minister Clement Announces Joint Declaration of Intent with France

Canadian Minister of Health and France's Minister of Health and Solidarity signed a Joint Declaration of Intent that outlines mutual work the two countries plan to undertake in the next four years ...

15 Aug '06 | Canada

NHS deficits crisis shows no sign of slowing down, according to Nurses' Union

UK Health Services: The impact of deficits on NHS services and staff shows no sign of slowing down, with posts at risk of being lost to the NHS now standing at 18,000, according to the Royal Colleg...

16 Aug '06 | NHS Crisis | UK

Small improvements in diet could save 1000 Kiwis each year and reduce ethnic disparities in health

New Zealand Deputy Director-General of Public Health Dr Don Matheson has stated that expect major health benefits can be expected from the implementation of the New Zealand Government Healthy Eatin...

18 Aug '06 | Healthy Lifestyle | New Zealand

'Healthy Start' will replace the UK Welfare Food Scheme

Healthy Start, which will replace the UK Welfare Food Scheme, offers vouchers to exchange for milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, and infant formula to pregnant women and children under the age of fo...

21 Aug '06 | Welfare Food Scheme | UK

How mint oil compounds reduce pain

Research explains how mint oil compounds act through the recently discovered neural receptor, TRPM8, which is present in a small percentage of nerve cells in the human skin. When TRPM8 is activated...

22 Aug '06 | Natural Health | Scotland

Experts say that waterborne infections could soon be consigned to history

24 Aug '06 | Waterborne Infections | London, UK

Ireland reports significant developments in mental health services

The Irish Minister of State for Health and Children, with special responsibility for mental health, has reported on a number of recent developments in mental health services. These include *Reach ...

29 Aug '06 | Ireland

New technology using light to manipulate micro-sized objects may speed diagnoses

Optical trapping technology has many applications, including the precise manipulation of individual cells, enabling faster, cheaper and more accurate diagnosis of diseases, according to researchers...

30 Aug '06 | Optical Trapping Tech | Australia

Celtic Angels were believed to act as guardians or companions - much as totem animals in other traditions.

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