News: July 2006

Bioengineered tissue implants regenerate damaged knee cartilage

Knee cartilage injuries can be repaired by tissue engineering and osteoarthritis does not stop the regeneration process according to research conducted at Bristol University, England. Cartilage reg...

04 Jul '06 | Tissue Engineering | Bristol (UK)

Children's Mental Health Doesn't Take a Summer Break

Summer can be an exciting time for children. There are often many new experiences to enjoy. Many children in the USA go to 'summer camp' for the first time, families go on holidays together and the...

06 Jul '06 | Kids' Summer Activities | USA

Tánaiste Announces the full implementation of the Mental Health Act - Ireland

Ireland: The Tánaiste and Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney TD, today announced that all remaining provisions of the Mental Health Act, 2001 will be brought into operation on 1 November...

06 Jul '06 | Mental Health | Ireland

Children living with unemployed adults more likely to die from injury or poisoning

UK Children of long-term unemployed parents are statistically more likely to die from an injury or poisoning incident, according to a shocking new study published in today's British Medical Journal.

07 Jul '06 | Children | London

Australian olive leaf extract for breast & prostate cancer

In 2005 an olive leaf extract was shown to have an antioxidant capacity 400% higher than Vitamin C and almost double that of green tea or grape seed extract. Since then Australian researchers have ...

07 Jul '06 | Natural Health | Australia

Call to prevent child poisonings - Griffith University, Australia

Poisonings prevention expert Professor Nerida Smith has called for more controls on the packaging of potentially dangerous medications in the wake of a South Australian inquest into the poisoning d...

09 Jul '06 | Child Safety | Australia

FSA issues new guidance to improve food labels for consumers with allergies

Research by the UK Food Standards Agency indicates that many warnings on food product packaging are so commonly used that many consumers cannot to assess the risks so simply ignore them. Unlike the...

11 Jul '06 | Allergies | UK

Physician participation in lethal injection violates medical ethics

In a recent statement on its website, the American Medical Association (AMA) has explained how the guidelines in the AMA Code of Medical Ethics address physician participation in executions involvi...

17 Jul '06 | Medical Ethics | USA

Patients worldwide could suffer if US stem cell Bill is vetoed - according to the Royal Society

The United States Senate is due to vote on Bill HR 810 that would create the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act to expand federal funding for research on stem cells derived from human embryos left ...

19 Jul '06 | Stem Cells

Aicardi Goutieres syndrome (AGS) gives new insight into immune responses

Babies affected with Aicardi Goutieres syndrome (AGS) have problems that can look like those caused by viral infections such as rubella and cytomegalovirus acquired during pregnancy. However, AGS i...

19 Jul '06 | Medical Research | UK

Gene Variant Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers have confirmed that a gene variant confers susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in participants of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a large clinical trial in adults at increased risk...

20 Jul '06 | Diabetes | USA

Hookworms and autoimmune diseases

Scientists are investigating if the human parasite the hookworm (Necator Americanus) could help to reduce symptoms of Crohn's disease and contribute to the development of an effective long-term the...

Agency nurse wins UK Employment Rights case

A UK Employment Tribunal (June 2006) ruled that an agency nurse has the right to be considered an employee of the nursing agency she worked for. This means full employment rights, including unfair ...

21 Jul '06 | Nursing | UK

Irish yacht race team to take men's cancer message across Atlantic

Prostate and testicular cancer awareness campaign: The Irish Cancer Society has teamed up with new Irish racing yacht Bolands Mill to help raise awareness of the risk of prostate and testicular can...

24 Jul '06 | Mens' Health | Ireland

Believers, skeptics benefit equally From 12-Step Programs

Research suggests that addiction recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous help people to achieve their objectives if the person is skeptical of spirituality or suffers from mental illness. Th...

24 Jul '06 | Addiction

New guidance to help sufferers of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (UK)

Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are distressing conditions. By recommending use of these drugs as treatment options in adults, this guidance from NICE will help sufferers in England and Wales to ...

27 Jul '06 | Psoriasis | UK

Mormons understand Angels to be beings who have previously been incarnated as humans - an understanding other religious groups apply to spirits.

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