News: June 2006

Children of Depressed Parents at Higher-Risk of Mental Disorders

The results from a 20-year study indicate that the children of depressed parents are at higher risk for psychiatric and medical problems when those children become adults, e.g. in their 30s.

02 Jun '06 | Depression | USA

Lazy eye patches can expose children to the playground bully - Bristol University

Researchers in the UK have discovered that children who have to wear an eye patch to treat amblyopia, a condition also known as lazy eye, are more likely to be bullied by other children as they go ...

03 Jun '06 | Ophthalmology | Bristol, England

Intermittent Explosive Disorder affects up to 16M Americans

A recent study has found that the little-known mental disorder Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) is more common than previously thought. IED is characterized by episodes of unwarranted anger an...

05 Jun '06 | Mental Health | USA

Repeat steroids reduce breathing problems in premature babies

A single course of corticosteroids, specifically betamethasone, was already believed to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases and other problems in pre-term babies before the recent study began. ...

10 Jun '06 | Premature birth | Australia

New drive to reduce suicide rate for young men in UK

Efforts to reduce the suicide rates in young men in the UK have been launched by the Health Minister. Marking Men's Mental Health week, she published a report outlining the findings of three pilots...

14 Jun '06 | Men's Health | UK

Study shows 'ever-young' gene can reprogramme cells

Scientists have found that the “ever-young” gene Nanog can cause adult cells to switch back to an embryonic state. This discovery is the first to show that a specific gene affects the reprogramming...

20 Jun '06 | Stem Cell Research | Scotland

Poverty and deprivation – causes of mental health problems in Scottish children

Children from poorer backgrounds in the UK, children in care, asylum-seeker children and those who have witnessed domestic violence, are all at a higher risk of developing mental health problems, a...

21 Jun '06 | Mental Health | Scotland

Why are birth interventions are increasing? Conference in Australia

C-sections, amniocentesis, spinal blocks, CVS testing - having a baby might be one of the most natural things in the world, but a University of Western Sydney conference will explore why growing nu...

22 Jun '06 | Childbirth | Australia

UK Mental health charity awards new research grants

22 Jun '06 | Mental Health Research | UK

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