News: April 2006

Critical examination of Canadian health care system

Researchers at York University (Canada) together with other academics have published a critical examination of health and health care in Canada. This book considers the health of Canadians and th...

08 Apr '06 | Healthcare in Canada | Canada

Cancer research technology expands into America

CRT, a leading European specialist oncology development and commercialization company wholly owned by Cancer Research UK, has recently expanded its activities to work with academic institutions and...

11 Apr '06 | Cancer Research | USA

Gatton rubber research set to curb life-threatening allergies

Current research might eventually prevent potentially life-threatening allergic reactions to conventional latex rubber. Unlike the species traditionally used to produce latex rubber (Hevea brasilie...

12 Apr '06

What is childhood ? Aspects of childhood

Is childhood to be endured or enjoyed ? Researchers from Australia have considered ten constructs of childhood. They are - the child as innocent, the child as evil, the child as a miniature adult, ...

20 Apr '06 | Childhood | Australia

Angel affirmations, meditations, or daily connection are popular with some who appreciate the joy of Angels in their lives.

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