News: March 2006

Parents should communicate a cancer diagnosis to their children

At the National Conference of Cancer Support Groups in Dublin Castle today, experts in the field of counselling people with cancer have advised that it is essential that patients with children comm...

03 Mar '06 | Cancer | Ireland

Womens weight may affect effectiveness of birth control pills

Do birth control pills work differently depending on how much a woman weighs ? Oral contraceptives do not come in differing strengths according to a patient's weight, such as other medications. Sev...

03 Mar '06 | Contraception | Oregon, USA

Religion and Spirituality linked to heart-rate variability among cancer survivors

Faith and the use of prayer and religion to manage stress may provide health benefits for cancer survivors. The researchers considered coping strategies associated with healthy variation in heart r...

Sex and intoxication among women more common on spring break says poll

An AMA survey suggests that many female college students in the USA drink more alcohol and engage in increased sexual activity on Spring Break trips than on campus. The survey raises concerns about...

08 Mar '06 | Alcohol | USA

Experiences of taking the PSA test for prostate cancer

Some men may think that having the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test for prostate cancer is a reasonable part of ordinary health care, much as women have cervical and breast screening. However, ...

20 Mar '06 | Prostate Cancer | Oxford

Overworked mums warned to stop putting off exercise

This Mother’s Day the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) urges working women to stop postponing exercise and to incorporate physical activity into their time spent with children. This is expe...

24 Mar '06 | Parenting | UK

National Inquiry into self-harm calls for better responses to young people (UK)

According to the Truth Hurts report, professionals and adults often react inappropriately to disclosure of self-harm, which often makes the situation worse. There is a tendency for adults to focus ...

26 Mar '06 | Mental Health | UK

Schizophrenia Ireland's handbook: Discover the Road Ahead

Discover the Road Ahead: Support and Guidance for Everyone Affected by Schizophrenia is an initiative of Schizophrenia Ireland. It is designed to offer support to anyone who has been affected by sc...

29 Mar '06 | Schizophrenia | Ireland

Major new Action Prostate Cancer Initiative - Irish Cancer Society

Action Prostate Cancer will aim to be the leading provider of prostate cancer information and support in Ireland. There are approximately 1370 new cases of prostate cancer and 519 deaths from pros...

31 Mar '06 | Prostate Cancer | Ireland

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