News: February 2006

Embedding patient safety in the NHS (UK)

The Manchester Patient Safety Framework (MaPSaF) has been developed for use in primary care, acute, ambulance and mental health care settings. It helps healthcare teams to monitor progress towards ...

01 Feb '06 | Patient Safety | UK

Thousands of Scots families to help scientists with medical research

Medics and scientists from the medical schools at the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow are working on a multi-million pound project, which will follow the health of 50,000 Sc...

02 Feb '06 | Scotland

Hayfever sufferers: Could you host a hookworm ?

Research into the possibility of a link between hookworms (human parasites) and a reduced risk of allergic conditions. Nottingham University (UK) is planning a trial in which some volunteers will b...

07 Feb '06 | Allergies | Nottingham (UK)

Cauliflower and broccoli boost cancer protection

Naturally occurring chemicals present in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, can enhance DNA repair in cells, perhaps helping to stop them becoming cancerous - according to a repo...

07 Feb '06 | Cancer Research | UK

Domestic Violence and Mental Health - New Zealand Research

The latest research from the Christchurch Health and Development Study (CHDS) at Otago University's Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences in New Zealand, calls into question conventio...

08 Feb '06 | Domestic Violence | New Zealand

Australian research shows that gentle singing soothes sick infants

Recent research has found that music therapy can help sick babies in intensive care maintain normal behavioural development, making them less irritable, upset and less likely to cry. One of the aim...

08 Feb '06 | Australia

Premature Babies: New Research to help identify who is at risk

Medical researchers a have received funding to develop commercial applications for a unique method of identifying pregnant women at risk of having premature babies. This involves study of the level...

13 Feb '06 | Pregnancy | Leicester, England

Choosing the right size bra

A correctly fitted bra is key to female postural health according to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. Women are urged to check their bra size before they buy and get a sports bra to help ...

14 Feb '06 | Posture | International

Asthma sufferers twice as likely to have other diseases

Older adults who have asthma are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease and other chronic health conditions such as diabetes, as well as being at an increased risk of developing cancer - acco...

16 Feb '06 | Asthma | Adelaide, Australia

Thermal Scanner to screen arriving airline passengers for fevers such as flu

An infrared thermal scanner is to be trialled at Cairns airport (Australia) to screen arriving passengers for fevers including influenza and dengue. This will be the first time an infrared thermal ...

22 Feb '06 | Technology | Australia

Traditional Māori Food Plants High in Cancer-Fighting Anti-Oxidants

Several traditional Maori food plants are rich potential sources of anti-oxidants, according to research from the University of Otago's Department of Botany. The recent study tested 17 indigenous a...

27 Feb '06 | Nutrition | New Zealand

MRI can help rule out acute appendicitis in pregnancy if ultrasound inconclusive

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can help rule out acute appendicitis in pregnancy when ultrasound findings are inconclusive. Until now, in cases where appendicitis is strongly suspected and ultras...

28 Feb '06 | MRI and pregnancy | USA

Mormons understand Angels to be beings who have previously been incarnated as humans - an understanding other religious groups apply to spirits.

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