News: September 2005

Breakfast Consumption and Body Mass among U.S. Adults

Researchers have examined data from the fourth National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999-2000, to find out about relationships between breakfast consumption and body mass index in adul...

03 Sep '05 | Eating Breakfast | USA

NHS Confederation calls for complete smoking ban in pubs and clubs

The NHS Confederation (UK) is calling for a complete ban on smoking in all pubs and clubs but warns that funding to help primary care trusts support smokers who quit the habit must be maintained.

05 Sep '05 | Smoking | UK

Pomegranate fruit shown to slow cartilage deterioration in osteoarthritis

Pomegranate fruit extracts can block enzymes that contribute to osteoarthritis according to recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition. The study investigated the ability of an extract of p...

07 Sep '05 | Osteoarthritis | Ohio, USA

Gluten-Free Boom Presents Opportunities for Retailers

Research suggests that the need for a gluten-free diet is much higher than predicted. Experts about gluten-free diets are advising retailers to prepare to meet the needs of this growing niche.

11 Sep '05 | Gluten-free | USA

WHO announce global partnership to take immediate action to help women and children survive

The world’s leading maternal, newborn and child health professionals have joined forces to increase efforts to achieve the international development goals for child and maternal health. The new par...

12 Sep '05 | Maternal & Child Health | International

UK student nurses to receive bursary payments throughout pregnancy and childbirth

Students of nursing and midwifery diplomas in England will continue to receive their NHS bursary payments throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Interim arrangements backdated to June 1st 2005 aim to...

14 Sep '05 | Nursing | UK

Fish oils shown to be beneficial to dyspraxic children

Fish oil has been found to help dyspraxic children, in particular concerning their reading abilities and behaviour, according to a recent study by Oxford University researchers published in Pediatr...

16 Sep '05

Gaps in intestinal barrier could cause Crohn's Disease

The villi lining the human bowls are covered in epithelial cells that are constantly renewed. Researchers have found that this renewal process leaves small gaps in the lining of the bowel which, in...

Link Suggested Between Regions on Two Chromosomes and Manic Depression

An international research team investigating a possible link between bipolar disorder and two chromosomal regions in the human genome has found strong genetic signals on chromosomes 6 and 8. The te...

16 Sep '05 | Depression | USA

Hypnosis and pain, even for cystoscopy procedures

Medics can now use the power of thought to avoid the acute discomfort associated with a cystoscopy - a procedure in which a thin probe is inserted into a male urethra. Based on news from the Austra...

18 Sep '05 | Hypnosis | NSW, Australia

Acupuncture tackles heartburn

Acupuncture could be the answer for heartburn, but further research is needed. Two experiments explored how the traditional Eastern method of acupuncture might affect transient lower oesophageal sp...

18 Sep '05 | Acupuncture | Australia

Holistic mental health care trial at Wollongong University, Australia

A team of researchers in Australia is developing a treatment and training program that could revolutionise mental health care. Their method involves training mental health workers in a new approach...

18 Sep '05 | Holistic Healthcare | Australia

Reverse shoulder replacement surgery helps patients with arthritis and rotator cuff tears

In standard replacement surgery, the ball on the humerus is removed and replaced with a metal implant that fits into a new plastic socket in the scapula. In the reverse shoulder replacement, the su...

19 Sep '05 | Arthritis | USA

Structural study will help develop new asthma and allergy treatments

Researchers have discovered the structure of a molecule that regulates levels of the key antibody involved in allergic reactions and asthma. IgE has been revealed by researchers in Oxford and Londo...

23 Sep '05 | Asthma | Oxford

High exposure to motor oil increases chances of developing arthritis

Men who have been highly exposed to motor or hydraulic oil have a higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) than other men according to a recent study in Sweden. Exposure only increased t...

25 Sep '05 | Arthritis | Sweden

Findings explain aspirin-induced ulcers and other side-effects

High doses of aspirin can cause ulcers and temporary deafness but the biochemical mechanism responsible for these phenomena has never been deciphered. New research from Rice University in Texas off...

26 Sep '05 | Aspirin | Texas, USA

Baltimore woman gives birth to quintuplets

A Baltimore woman delivered quintuplets by Caesarean section on September 21 at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. At birth, the babies - four girls and one boy - ranged in wei...

27 Sep '05 | Quintuplets | USA

Cholesterol drugs can prevent heart attacks and strokes regardless of presenting cholesterol levels

Statin drugs could help in a wider range of patients than currently considered for treatment. Doctors need to identify all patients at risk of a heart attack or stroke and prescribe a statin at a ...

27 Sep '05 | Cholesterol | International

OHSU and NASA work together to improve childbirth safety

A new study called Using Military and Aviation Simulation Experience to Improve Rural Obstetric Care aims to reduce errors in emergency, high-risk births by bringing the benefits of NASA's simulat...

27 Sep '05 | Childbirth | Oregon, USA

Imaging tracer clarifies cause of chest pain up to 30 hours after pain stops

Research has shown that a radioactive compound can show images of heart damage up to 30 hours after a brief interruption of blood flow and oxygen. This might help physicians determine if a patient'...

27 Sep '05 | Heart Health | USA

Food Intolerances ? Chef Offers Creative Ways to Avoid Wheat, Dairy, and Eggs

As the incidence of food sensitivities increase, the demand for Dr Fenster’s culinary creativity also increases. NIH (USA) found that nearly three million people need to avoid wheat due to an autoi...

28 Sep '05 | Food Intolerances | USA

UK Junior Doctors' Leader warns that doctors' training is at risk in a market-led NHS

Increased competition in the NHS in the UK risks the quality of medical training according to the new leader of the UKs 49,000 junior doctors. Dr Jo Hilborne, who has been elected chairman of the B...

29 Sep '05 | Medical Training | UK

Newcastle researchers find that seaweed could make junk food healthier

Junk food could be made healthier by the addition of an extract of an exotic type of seaweed - according to recent research at Newcastle University, England.

29 Sep '05 | Seaweed | Newcastle, UK

Lifesaving drug for eclampsia and pre-eclampsia in pregnant women too cheap to be marketed

A life-saving drug to treat seriously-ill pregnant women in Africa is not widely available, in part because it's too cheap. Magnesium sulphate is a low-cost but effective treatment for eclampsia an...

29 Sep '05 | Pregnancy | Africa

Myelin Suppresses Plasticity in the Mature Brain

Researchers have reported genetic evidence for the idea that myelination, or formation of a protective sheath around a nerve fiber, consolidates neural circuitry by suppressing plasticity in the ma...

29 Sep '05 | Myelination | USA

Ohio State University encourages increased awareness of women with epilepsy

The researchers reported that few of the physicians surveyed understood that hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle of women who have epilepsy can affect seizure frequency, and most were ...

30 Sep '05 | Epilepsy | Ohio, USA

Celtic Angels were believed to act as guardians or companions - much as totem animals in other traditions.

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