Date Published: 18 March 2009

UNICEF's Executive Director speaks out on situation in Sri Lanka

UNICEF's Executive Director Ann M. Veneman has spoken out on the situation in Sri Lanka.

Hundreds of children have been killed and many more injured as a result of the conflict in Sri Lanka. Thousands are now at risk because of a critical lack of food, water and medicines,” she said. “Children and their families caught in the conflict zone are at risk of dying from disease and malnutrition.

Regular, safe access for humanitarian agencies is urgently required, so that lifesaving supplies can be provided, and civilians must be allowed to move to safe areas where essential humanitarian support is more readily available. The rights of children caught in the conflict must be fully respected and every effort should be taken to prevent civilian casualties.

UNICEF, together with other UN agencies and partners, is providing emergency water and sanitation, health, nutrition, protection and education support for many of the 40,000 people who have been able to leave the conflict zone. Children are the innocent victims of Sri Lanka’s conflict. They desperately need assistance and extraordinary efforts must be taken to protect them.”


Source: UNICEF Main Website.
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