Date Published: 12 October 2006

UK FSA updates consumers on suspected malicious tampering

The Food Standards Agency is urging consumers to be vigilant about the risk of foreign objects that have been found in the packaging of Kingsmill sliced bread produced by Allied Bakeries at its Orpington bakery in Kent.

The police, who have been investigating the problem for some time, have disclosed three further incidents of alleged malicious tampering involving glass and a needle. The company has also indicated that there are additional public complaints about foreign objects in Kingsmill bread some of which may be subject to police investigation.
The objects were found inside the bread packaging and were not embedded in the bread. The Orpington bakery distributes to retailers, including supermarkets and smaller outlets, across the south east of England.

The Agency has been working closely with the police, who are leading the investigation, and Allied Bakeries to resolve this issue and will be pressing the company to take further measures as appropriate.

If customers find a foreign object in any Allied Bakeries bread, they should contact the Allied Bakeries Customer Careline on 0800 197 0110 immediately.


Source: UK Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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