Myosin is one of the protein molecules that (together with tropomyosin, troponin, and actin) forms the cylindrical structures called myofibrils that, together, form muscle fibers.

Myofibrils consist of two types of protein filaments, called thin filaments, and thick filaments. Myosin molecules, form the thick filaments, whose structure is illustrated below (lower image).

Diagram of a single myosin molecule
Above: Diagram of a single myosin molecule

Diagram of a Thick Filament of a myofibril
Above: Diagram of a Thick Filament

There are approx. 200 myosin molecules forming a typical thick filament. These molecules are arranged with their "tails" parallel to each other as illustrated above.

Myosin molecules are important for the process of muscle contraction. The myosin "heads" or "crossbridges" are attached to "myosin-binding sites" on positions on another protein called actin, which is located in the thin filaments of the myofibrils.

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