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Capital city of England and the UK, London is a global city as well as home to the nation's political and financial centres. It offers many historical, heritage, artistic and cultural sites and collections as well as parks, gardens and shopping opportunities.

Many books and maps would be needed to even begin to outline the diverse and colourful history of the greater London area. Although some descriptions of London's past refer back to structures thought to date from about 4500 BC, most written histories tend to begin with Roman London or later periods. London as a capital city can be conveniently dated from about 100 AD when it superceeded Colchester as capital of the Roman province of Britannia. It is only since 1066 that coronations of English and British monarchs have taken place at Westminster Abbey in London.

Modern London attracts many people from all over the world who come to work, study or visit. While there are many visits for business in various forms, commercial, political, diplomatic and so on, visiting London is most commonly associated with tourism. London's shops and attractions including museums, galleries and 'experiences' cater to every interest and are supported by the experience of London itself; black cabs, red buses, red postboxes and telephone boxes, the world famous 'tube system' (the first underground passenger railway anywhere), together with numerous views and public areas such as Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, the South Bank of the Thames and so on.

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The Daughter Of Time

The Daughter Of Time

by Josephine Tey


197 pages (Kindle Edition)

Publisher: Cornerstone Digital

The One You Really Want

The One You Really Want

by Jill Mansell


482 pages (Kindle Edition)

Publisher: Review

Time Out Country Walks Volume 1

Time Out Country Walks Volume 1

by Time Out

ISBN: 1846702216 ASIN: 1846702216

416 pages (Paperback)

Publisher: Time Out Group

Lonely Planet's Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist

Lonely Planet's Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist

by Lonely Planet


320 pages (Kindle Edition)

Publisher: Lonely Planet

The Outrun

The Outrun

by Amy Liptrot

ISBN: 178211548X ASIN: 178211548X

304 pages (Paperback)

Publisher: Canongate Books

The Best Of Friends

The Best Of Friends

by Joanna Trollope


324 pages (Kindle Edition)

Publisher: Transworld Digital

England's Cathedrals

England's Cathedrals

by Simon Jenkins

ISBN: 1408706458 ASIN: 1408706458

384 pages (Hardcover)

Publisher: Little, Brown

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

by Victoria Broackes

ISBN: 1851779167 ASIN: 1851779167

320 pages (Hardcover)

Publisher: V & A Publications

Honey & Co: The Baking Book

Honey & Co: The Baking Book

by Itamar Srulovich, Sarit Packer

ISBN: 1444735004 ASIN: 1444735004

304 pages (Hardcover)

Publisher: Headline Home

Devon and Cornwall Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide - with pull out map (Marco Polo Guides) (Marco Polo Pocket Guides)

Devon and Cornwall Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide - with pull out map (Marco Polo Guides) (Marco Polo Pocket Guides)

by Marco Polo

ISBN: 3829707916 ASIN: 3829707916

132 pages (Paperback)

Publisher: MAIRDUMONT GmbH & Co. KG

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