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Lung Cancer Books
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Lung Cancer in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including Lung Cancer. Some recent items about Lung Cancer are listed below:

9 Jun 2018

Low vs high nicotine e-cigarettes

29 Apr 2014

Report that 50% of cancer patients survive at least 10 years

24 Mar 2014

Discovery expected to help medics treat ALK lung cancers

14 Feb 2014

Global cancer death count 50% higher in men than women

1 May 2012

A persistent cough may be a sign of lung cancer

2 Mar 2012

Efforts to diagnose cancer early need to be better tailored to different age groups (UK)

2 Feb 2012

Silver found to be as effective as the leading chemotherapy drug

9 Dec 2011

Cancer risk in Northern Ireland lower than the Republic of Ireland

12 Oct 2011

Possible increased prostate cancer risk associated with vitamin E supplements


17 Jan 2011

Study to test feasibility of lung cancer screening programme

12 Jan 2011

Irish Cancer Society - Lung Cancer Awareness Campaign

8 Dec 2010

The fear of cancer

11 Aug 2010

Breath test could help to detect cancer

7 Jul 2010

Financial impact on patients and their families of a cancer diagnosis

16 Jun 2010

British Indians have fewer cancers than white British population

27 May 2010

Liverpool Scientists reveal genetic information to improve lung cancer risk model

23 Jun 2009

Protect children from the allure of smoking, say doctors

15 Jun 2009

Men hit by 'inexplicable' greater cancer death risk

9 Jun 2009

First gene-based test to predict individual lung cancer risk

25 May 2009

Scientists discover stem cell clue to lung cancer development

14 May 2009

Common cholesterol lowering drugs reduce lung cancer risk

22 Apr 2009

Number of women dying from breast cancer hits record low

19 Apr 2009

Potential new drug blocks pathway of deadliest cancer

6 Apr 2009

Face the Facts highlights tragedy of tobacco deaths

11 Mar 2009

Help us achieve a smoke free Scotland for our children

6 Mar 2009

Detailed diagnosis boosts child cancer survival

17 Feb 2009

Experts predict 20% drop in lung cancer rate

6 Feb 2009

Temozolomide sales reach $1 billion

4 Feb 2009

Swinging 60s saw a rise in HPV related cancers

28 Nov 2008

'Incurable' cancers receive more investment in Cancer Research UK's £1.5 billion science strategy

19 Nov 2008

Cancer Research UK Launches Innovative New Way To Give

12 Sep 2008

Inactivation of gatekeeper gene paves way for bowel cancer

12 Sep 2008

Genetic region linked to fivefold increased lung cancer risk

11 Sep 2008

Study looks at lung cancer in non-smokers

22 Aug 2008

Futuristic imaging technique may improve cancer surgery

19 Sep 2006

Cancer Research Ireland 2.6 million investment in cancer research and new funding strategy

24 Nov 2005

Cancer Research finds fewer dying of cancer while incidence remains stable

20 Oct 2005

World leaders in cancer research to meet in Liverpool

5 Sep 2005

NHS Confederation calls for complete smoking ban in pubs and clubs

24 Jul 2005

Two molecules extracted from crushed pineapple stems may help to fight cancer

For more items see the Lung Cancer News index page (listed by date).

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