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Allergies - such as Hayfever (Allergy to Pollen)
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Allergies in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including allergies. Recent news items that mention allergies are listed below:

30 Jun 2019

Consultation about allergen warnings on medicines (NZ)

24 Feb 2015

Eating peanut during infancy can prevent development of peanut allergy

27 Mar 2014

Goats' milk formula not the answer for infants allergic to cows' milk

28 Dec 2011

Three new eczema genes discovered

7 Mar 2011

Could roundworms provide new treatment for sepsis ?

4 Oct 2010

Children, males and blacks are at increased risk for food allergies

9 Jun 2009

Tesco recalls some lamb rogan josh

28 Apr 2009

Sainsbury's withdraws its Strawberry Pencils

21 Apr 2009

Allergy advice helps businesses


17 Apr 2009

Tesco withdraws Storck Nimm 2 Candy

9 Apr 2009

Marybake recalls batches of yoghurt coated fruit

17 Mar 2009

Canberra parents lack allergy awareness

17 Mar 2009

Morrisons recalls Chunky Vegetable Curry

11 Mar 2009

Morrisons recalls some chunky vegetable soup

27 Feb 2009

Unilever withdraws some ice cream

25 Feb 2009

Vegetarian World recalls some of its Hebrew National Soups and Beans in Tomato

23 Feb 2009

TRS Wholesale Co Ltd withdraws some golden sultana raisins

20 Feb 2009

Iceland recalls cocktail sausage rolls

13 Feb 2009

Watchdog warns East Yorkshire mental health hospital to improve the safety of patients

30 Jan 2009

Some Bovetti dark chocolate contains milk protein

22 Jan 2009

New rules for 'gluten free' foods

31 Dec 2008

The Health Store recalls dried apricots

1 Oct 2008

Koala biscuits withdrawn due to melamine contamination

22 Sep 2008

Discussion of food allergy research

25 Jun 2007

AMA new policies on childhood anaphylaxis, emergency contraception & more (USA)

25 Aug 2006

University of Auckland researchers lead global breakthrough in asthma and allergies

11 Jul 2006

FSA issues new guidance to improve food labels for consumers with allergies

9 May 2006

Europe-wide research to examine the causes of asthma

12 Apr 2006

Gatton rubber research set to curb life-threatening allergies

16 Feb 2006

Asthma sufferers twice as likely to have other diseases

For more items see the Allergies News index page (listed by date).

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