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Components of the Human Urinary System


Textbooks refer to this part of the body using different words that have the same (or similar) meaning.

The "Urinary System" may also be called the "Renal System" because this group of inter-connected body parts process a liquid substance called urine via specialist organs called the kidneys. The word "renal" means "pertaining to the kidneys", so this group of tissues and organs is either named after the substance it processes (urine; "Urinary System"), or the organ that does most of the work (kidneys, "Renal System").

Some textbooks even refer to the "Genito-urinary System". This is because the organs of the urinary system are located in close proximity to those of the reproductive system so some textbooks and course lists include these subjects as part of the same section or unit of study.

Quick Summary:

The Urinary (or "Renal") System consists of :

  1. a Pair of Kidneys
  2. a Pair of Ureters
  3. a Bladder
  4. a Urethra

Diagram of the Urinary System:


Links to Glossary Pages about:

  • Inferior vena cava
  • Right adrenal gland
  • Right adrenal artery
  • Right adrenal vein
  • Right kidney
  • Right renal artery
  • Right renal vein
  • Right ureter
  • Aorta
  • Left adrenal gland
  • Left adrenal vein
  • Left adrenal artery
  • Left kidney
  • Left renal artery
  • Left renal vein
  • Left ureter
  • Urinary bladder
  • Urethra

For a more detailed description of the urinary system, two more diagrams are useful:

It may be helpful to view those diagrams then read about the functions of the urinary system.

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