Vitamin K in the News

Articles featured below include news about or mention of vitamin K and the benefits of consuming sufficient dietary vitamin K. See also books about nutrition.

Ohio State University encourages increased awareness of women with epilepsy

The researchers reported that few of the physicians surveyed understood that hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle of women who have epilepsy can affect seizure frequency, and most were ...

30 Sep '05 | Epilepsy | Ohio, USA

EU Food Supplement Ban - Latest Update

EU Food Supplement Ban wins latest appeal in the European Court of Justice. However, although a list of 112 substances passed fit for consumption has been prepared, many popular substances, such as...

13 Jul '05 | Food Supplements | European Union (EU)
Many green leafy plants, e.g. kale, contain vitamin K

Angels encourage us to develop mental, spiritual and emotional clarity.

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